Introducing: NovaDEX

ShibaNova Rebrands as NovaDEX to Fuel it’s Growing DEX and P2E Gaming Ecosystem

A year ago, a group of DeFi veterans decided to run a start-up DEX project on BSC. While there have been countless crypto projects that have come and gone, the ShibaNova Team has stayed the course to BUIDL, battling through market fluctuations, geopolitical instability, and the ever-changing crypto landscape. To this day, we have built one of the most sustainable, secure, and consistent DEX projects on the Binance Smart Chain. And all of it was built outside corporate and institutional support from Binance or other Private Equity investors.

At the end of Q1 in 2022, the team released our 1st P2E game, Legend of Novaria. LoN is the 1st P2E game built entirely on the blockchain! This space-themed strategy game quickly developed a loyal base of gamers (albeit limited in number) and rose to be the #1 LIVE Space-Themed P2E game on

With the emergence of Legend of Novaria, it became apparent that the focus and direction of the project was in flux — one that needed to be redefined in order to create a renewed vision for the future.

The evolution from ShibaNova to NovaDEX is seamless.

NovaDEX represents the intersection of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and a unique DEX and Gaming platform to empower the next generation of crypto investors. Our value proposition is simple: create a lasting and sustainable investment vehicle for more seasoned crypto investors all while on-boarding and expanding our investor base through play-to-earn gaming. According to, the entire P2E gaming industry will top over $22Billion in 2022 — and account for more than 49% of all new crypto investments this year! This presents a very unique opportunity for NovaDEX to position our project as the lynchpin for on-boarding new gamers through our P2E but also introducing the same audience to our DEX to transform P2E gamers into DeFi investors: come for the game, stay for the rewards!

Team NovaDEX will invest heavily into marketing and new player acquisition strategies as priority #1 of our rebranding efforts. In the coming days, we will relaunch a more targeted digital marketing campaign to bring new players to Legend of Novaria. As our player base increases, the team will focus on strategic efforts built to integrate the gaming economy into the DEX. The barometer for our success is twofold: increase the number of gamers in Legend of Novaria and increase deposits/investments into our DEX.

The overarching goal for NovaDEX is to keep building our P2E and DEX project to become one of the cornerstone projects on the Binance Chain. We look forward to having you along for the ride!

About NovaDEX:
The Intersection of DeFi and P2E gaming on the blockchain.
Home of #1 Space-themed P2E, Legend of Novaria (LoN)

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